Last week in Flutter: Issue 7

Weekly coverage of interesting articles, videos, libraries in Flutter. Every Sunday.

What to read

Dart Beginners Course - Tutorial #08: Null Safety

Andrea Bizzotto continues his beginners video series with an episode on null safety!

Deep Dive Into The Pubspec.yaml File

An awesome article that explores every aspect of the `pubspec.yaml` file - the backbone of Flutter applications and Dart packages.

What to watch

Flutter Folder Structure and Packages

Lightening strikes twice with this episode that’s also about Flutter app project structures.

Flutter & Firebase Starter Architecture: Adding an Onboarding Screen [Part 2]

Andrea Bizzotto continues his video series on Flutter & Firebase architecture video series with an episode on Onboarding!

What to follow


A tool for managing Dart projects with multiple packages.


A dart package aiming to provide useful extensions and helper functions to ease and speed up development.


A lightweight, yet powerful way to bind your application state with your business logic. Heavily inspired by Riverpod and Recoil.


A model-driven approach to handling Forms, inspired by an Angular library of the same name. Not new, but recently had a major update.


Another Flutter library that combines state management and dependency injection. Recently had a major update.


A new alternative to flutter_dotenv for handling environment variables that packages environment variables in code rather than using a .env file.


Another library influenced by the JavaScript community, rx_redux is a Redux implementation based on Dart Streams. It owes its inspiration to redux-observable.


FlutterFlow allows you to build applications with Firebase with a drag and drop UI builder, no code necessary! Applications can be deployed directly to the stores as well.